I went a little overboard for HJ’s first birthday.  Even his second birthday that I promised to keep low-key became a time-consuming event.  For his 3rd birthday, I told myself not to make it a big deal.  Keep it small.  He recently had his fisher-price playdate where he received NUMEROUS toys, so we definitely didn’t need any more.

There were moments where I called about kid’s birthday parties to some local places, but ultimately decided he may have more fun doing those things when he is a bit older.  And that way, I can save some money.

So ya know what?  I actually stood by my word and kept it simple this year.  I didn’t even make the cake!

HJ’s birthday was on Sunday, but we had a small party on Saturday evening.  His cousins, aunt, uncle, nana, papa and 2 friends went to Chuck E. Cheeses.

It was a mad house in there, so I rarely even saw anyone we were with as I chased HJ around.

After eating pizza and playing games, HJ was more than ready to go home and have some cake.

I ordered his cake from a local grocery store (see, I didn’t do anything!)

and he was so excited to blow out his candles…all 3 of them!

He opened presents from his cousins (and he LOVES hungry, hungry hippo).

And went to bed as a 2-year-old…

And woke up to this…

As a smiley 3-year-old.

He had a yummy breakfast at nana and papa’s, where they let him open his presents.  After playing a while, we went to his annual birthday lunch spot where he gets a special treat.

Birthday night was spent eating more cake…

And opening his presents from mom.

He was one happy and tired little boy!

I love that it was a relaxing weekend for me, because I didn’t worry myself with party preparations.

I can’t believe my baby is 3 years old!


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2 Thoughts on “HJ’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Looks like HJ had a great Birthday, so glad it was stress free for you too!

  2. Those stress free parties are always more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about playing host, keeping everyone entertained, fed, etc. He looks like he’s getting so tall!

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