HJ turns 3 on November 4th.  He is pretty excited about his birthday and getting presents.  His list was quite a bit longer than mine!  And waaaay more exciting.

HJ did recently win a lot of toys through the Fisher Price House Party, so the list is not heavy on toys, sorry.

A few things he needs:

Bath Towels.  I know, this sounds silly, but we have 2 different bathrooms and he has outgrown his hooded infant towels.  Like a year outgrown.

Laundry Hamper.  I think our laundry would be easier to do if I separated it by his clothes/my clothes.  Right now, we throw everything in at once.  I hate laundry.

Clothing, size 4T.

For the other items, I have created an amazon wish list (click to see it).  Like I mentioned, he already received so many toys, that I thought it might be fun to start adding things like the classic board games (chutes and ladders, candyland), the fun games (hungry, hungry hippo) and movies I know he would enjoy.  I also added in books, because you can never have too many books!

I thought the skip hop backpacks are cute, and I know he would love the dog one.

HJ also likes playing with play-doh, but all of his colors are currently a purple-ish/grey/brown color, so I would like to get those refreshed.

HJ also has a great imagination, so I think he would have lots of fun with this doctor kit.

And last but not least (well maybe, because I am not buying this for him), a custom-made stuffed dog.  There are apparently some places you can send  a picture of your dog and they create a stuffed animal to look like him.  The only website I have found is much, MUCH more than I would ever spend on a stuffed animal though.  Does anyone know of a cheaper place?

Oh, I wish I could buy my little monkey all of this AND take him to Disney World!

What toys are the children in your lives in love with?  HJ still loves his Imaginext castle!

3 Thoughts on “HJ’s Birthday List

  1. Melissa Heikes on October 18, 2012 at 10:10 am said:

    I just ordered the SkipHop Owl backpack for Alivia on Etsy. For 27.50 + shipping, you can have his name embroidered on the bag. I did this for her and it turned out great! Just a suggestion. I can’t believe he is nearly 3. Time flies with Kiddos!!

  2. Fun stuff. Good idea to put a wish list on Amazon!
    Learning Resources is great as you know from my blog post!

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