HJ and I both have birthday’s coming up.  I have had family members ask what we want…and I told them.  But they must not believe me because they keep asking what we would like to get.  So, I thought I would let everyone know what we are pinning after!

The first thing I brought up is a trip to Disney World.  I know, I know, that seems like a lot to ask for.  But, I figured it could count as both of our birthday and Christmas gifts combined.  HJ loves this guy

That is our dream gift, but it seems unlikely…so I created a back up gift list.

I have been wanting 2 kitchen stools for the island in our kitchen, and I love the simple-ness of these:

Cute, huh?  It comes with 2, which is the perfect fit for our island.  i found them here.

The other thing I want is a light fixture.  When we moved into our house, I had purchased cute pendant lights above the island, but the light fixture that was installed form the contractor does not match at all!  Also, it was placed in an awkward place and hangs low, causing people to bonk their heads on it.  So I found this:

It is simple, and doesn’t hang down.  I found it here.  I also found a very nice electrician named Mohammed who said he could install it lickety-split, so I can pass along his number too!

Next, a very exciting hand-held vacuum!

I have a dog that sheds, so it would be awesome to be able to easily clean up the furniture!  Found here.

My god, my list makes me look so old and boring.  I need to throw a few fun things on there…

Gift cards are always good too!  I have mentioned before that we are trying to stick to a budget, so a giftcard to Target, where we could get our everyday things, would be great!

HJ’s list to come…

4 Thoughts on “Birthday List

  1. I like the hand-held vacuum, what a great idea! Happy Birthday!

  2. Ha Ha then you should have put it on his list!!

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