You may remember a few months back when I acknowledged my spending habits were out of control.  And I committed to making and keeping  a budget.  You can see where it all started here.

Here’s the thing, i did try.  Not overly hard, but a great attempt…er, sort of.

I figured out a budget.  Wrote it all down.  Organized my bills.  And came to the realization that I just don’t make enough money.  Seriously.  By the time I figured out all of my medical bills (which are finally paid off), house bills, car payment and daycare, I barely had money to purchase things like food, diapers, gas, etc.

I started to gamble.  Ha, no I didn’t, but I thought about it.  I did a little research on hot penny stocks and read up on some investors like timothysykes.  Which looks like a great idea if I have spare change to invest!

I realized the best move for me to make is to *gulp* start job hunting.  I make a significantly lower salary then I had when I lived in Des Moines, so I know I can do better.  The thing is, I love my job.  I love the people I work with.  And I will not be able to get better benefits anywhere.

But, I took a plunge and updated the resume, so we will see where this takes me!

Someone send me the winning powerball numbers?

One Thought on “My Budget Fail

  1. Penny Stock Pick Newsletter on October 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm said:

    Hello, I read your new stuff on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

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