One of my bestest friends is having a baby soon.  A sweet baby boy.

We met right when we started college, lived together for a few years, moved to Des Moines, lived together a little longer and here we are today.  You might remember hearing about her from here (she was the first to know I was prego) and here.  We’ve been through a lot together.  So naturally, I wanted to throw her a shower…with a few other of my besties.

And thank you to pinterest, we could easily plan the shower from the multiple cities we are all scattered in (we used a group board).

We decided on a cute bee theme.  We found sweet invites on etsy at the store InspiredByMaddie.  The invites were done in less than 24 hours, and look at their adorable-ness…

We planned  a few games (you have to play a game at a baby shower….).  One was a new game to me, but I liked it!  We set out a bumblebee piggy bank, and when guests arrived they put any spare change they had into the bank.  Then everyone guessed how much would be in it.  The person with the closest guest won it all….actually they won “all” detergent…Becky got to take the $14 in change home (I had no idea people carried around so much change!).

We also picked up some honey bears from a local farmer’s market and gave those out as favors.

Here is the Mommy to Bee:

And some yummy food

We had a light lunch and beverages

Had cute decorations

Played with babies

Opened gifts

HJ was a great help.

Spilled a lot of drinks

And made pregnant girls take pictures together

(the one on the right gave birth less than 48 hours later)

Becky got lots of fun gifts…well the baby did.  The best part?  Hanging out with my lovely ladies that I don’t get to see nearly enough!  It is always bittersweet for me to go to Des Moines because I had such a great time living there.

Becky is due close to HJ’s birthday, so who knows, they might share a birthday!

2 Thoughts on “Mommy to Bee

  1. How cute! I love the bee theme! My best friend is also having a baby soon (well, in march) it’s crazy! My sisters all have kids, but for some reason it’s more crazy for my friend to have a baby! 🙂


  2. Lindsey on October 1, 2012 at 9:22 pm said:

    The invites are so cute! Also love the mason jars 🙂

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