That is how my life feels lately.  I have about 12 different posts just itching to be typed up.  But life is happening.  My life has been nuts.

My busy time for work has been the last month.  And in that month, I also had every weekend scheduled up.  So while I try to straighten out my life while it begins to slow down, I will leave you with these thoughts:

Two weeks ago, my friend Becky and I were shopping with little HJ in tow.  HJ is standing in front of a poster of Kim Kardashian.  Just staring.  Suddenly, he says, “Oh, I like that girl.”                              Becky and I start laughing.  Becky lets him know that “lots of guys like her, bud!”  She then pointed to a poster next to it of another realty tv star and asks HJ if he likes her too.  He gives that poster the once over and says, “nah”.

Last night, HJ was playing in my grandpa’s truck.  I asked him where he was driving to.  He responded with, “the sorority house”.  My grandpa asked if he could go to.

The other day, HJ was asking me questions.  I kept answering with a “mmm hmm”.  After about 4 times of that, HJ starts laughing and tells me to stop acting like a baby.

While walking through a store this weekend, HJ proclaimed loudly, “Hey mom!  You have pockets on your butt!  They are big pockets!”

While at a restaurant with some friends, HJ announced that there was a baby in my belly. (there definitely is not)

Coming up…

-I got served

-Bumble bee baby shower

-Fisher Price is my new favorite

-Frozen meals

Comment and let me know which one you want to hear about first!


5 Thoughts on “So Much to Do, Not Enough Time

  1. Funny little guy! I was laughing so hard reading this.
    I want to hear about the Fisher Price stuff and see pics of the shower! Buzz.

  2. The baby shower!

  3. Hj is freakin hilarious!! I need some frozen meal ideas for my hectic evenings! And I’m curious to hear what this I got served is all about!

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