Remember back in April when I posted about my Green Thumb?  And by that, I mean my non-existent green thumb?


I attempted a herb garden for my patio.  I spray painted pots to make them all cutesy.  I spent money on herbs.  I envisioned myself sipping mojitos with fresh mint on the deck with some hot, hunky guy with my house sparkling clean and knowing my beautiful son would sleep in until 9am.  I mean, look at those herbs?  How beautiful and lush are they?

Well, guess which one of those happened?  None.  Here is the current state of my herb garden…


Not looking so hot, huh?  I wouldn’t suggest anyone use herbs that look like that.

I don’t know what went wrong.  I loved them.  I cared for them.  I talked to them about my hopes and dreams of them becoming mojitos and pesto sauce.

Clearly I am a lost cause when it comes to rearing plants.

**Spell check keeps trying to change the word mojito to Doritos…

2 Thoughts on “In Mourning.

  1. Hahaha I am the same way! I got a bamboo plant because I was told they were low maintenance and could last through a lot. Well apparently not through my “yellow” thumb plant killing hands. I also like your envisions of sipping mojitos with hot hunky guys lol my dreams exactly.

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