Like I said before, Fisher Price asked that we host a party to show off the new toys.

While HJ took a nap, I set up all the new toys.

Better than Christmas morning, huh?

I set out the favors

(those are diaper boxes covered with cute fabric).  And turned on the Imaginext movie.

I started setting up the food, starting with cupcakes.

Then HJ woke up and started chatting away about toys, a party, and his Birthday (he may be a tad confused!)

He liked it.

Then his friends arrived and they continued to play, play, play.  Clearly the toys were a hit!

And then they ate and played some more!

Then his friends went home and the house looked like this…

But HJ kept right on playing…

The dragon has stayed in his bed every night.

Fisher Price Play Date was a success!  Thank you House Party and Fisher Price!

I rarely win contests.  I have played the powerball, scratch tickets, even school raffles, and I never win.  A few months ago, I entered HJ in a fisher price playdate contest through House Party.  I thought it would be cool if we won, but never mentioned it.

Then they announced who won a Fisher Price house party.  AND WE WON!  The email was vague and said we were to plan a party with kids around HJ’s age, and a package would be delivered before the date.  And we waited.

Guess what we got?

Big boxes!

I wanted to surprise HJ with the goods, so he played with the box all night.  Then we he went to bed, I tore into the toys.

Look at all that!  Holy smokes!

He received the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle (which is 3 feet, and has lots of “secret” stuff”.  Along with the castle, he received the Dragon (which has been sleeping in his bed), the ogre and lots of other pieces, like a cannon ball, lions, eagles, knights in armor…the list goes on and on.

The coolest part in my opinion?  There are sensors, so if I am playing with the dragon….er, I mean HJ is playing with the dragon, the castle starts yelling about the dragon.

He also received all of the Rev’ n Go stuff. Like the Rev n Go Garage, the Rev n Go Stunt Hauler and EVERY CAR, 9 in total!

Fisher Price asked that we host a party for HJ’s friends to show off all their new toys.  So of course, they gave us favors for everyone!

The parents were most excited about the 2 awesome coupons.

And Fisher Price sent cute bags to package everything in.

And guess what?  I have a left over party favor.  You want one?  Leave a comment!  I will draw a winner on October 3rd (you MUST be a follower to win).

I will post about our wild and fun party later!

That is how my life feels lately.  I have about 12 different posts just itching to be typed up.  But life is happening.  My life has been nuts.

My busy time for work has been the last month.  And in that month, I also had every weekend scheduled up.  So while I try to straighten out my life while it begins to slow down, I will leave you with these thoughts:

Two weeks ago, my friend Becky and I were shopping with little HJ in tow.  HJ is standing in front of a poster of Kim Kardashian.  Just staring.  Suddenly, he says, “Oh, I like that girl.”                              Becky and I start laughing.  Becky lets him know that “lots of guys like her, bud!”  She then pointed to a poster next to it of another realty tv star and asks HJ if he likes her too.  He gives that poster the once over and says, “nah”.

Last night, HJ was playing in my grandpa’s truck.  I asked him where he was driving to.  He responded with, “the sorority house”.  My grandpa asked if he could go to.

The other day, HJ was asking me questions.  I kept answering with a “mmm hmm”.  After about 4 times of that, HJ starts laughing and tells me to stop acting like a baby.

While walking through a store this weekend, HJ proclaimed loudly, “Hey mom!  You have pockets on your butt!  They are big pockets!”

While at a restaurant with some friends, HJ announced that there was a baby in my belly. (there definitely is not)

Coming up…

-I got served

-Bumble bee baby shower

-Fisher Price is my new favorite

-Frozen meals

Comment and let me know which one you want to hear about first!


Remember back in April when I posted about my Green Thumb?  And by that, I mean my non-existent green thumb?


I attempted a herb garden for my patio.  I spray painted pots to make them all cutesy.  I spent money on herbs.  I envisioned myself sipping mojitos with fresh mint on the deck with some hot, hunky guy with my house sparkling clean and knowing my beautiful son would sleep in until 9am.  I mean, look at those herbs?  How beautiful and lush are they?

Well, guess which one of those happened?  None.  Here is the current state of my herb garden…


Not looking so hot, huh?  I wouldn’t suggest anyone use herbs that look like that.

I don’t know what went wrong.  I loved them.  I cared for them.  I talked to them about my hopes and dreams of them becoming mojitos and pesto sauce.

Clearly I am a lost cause when it comes to rearing plants.

**Spell check keeps trying to change the word mojito to Doritos…

HJ is laying in my bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the other morning while I jump in the shower.  Like most mornings, I don’t take a long shower.  It’s a quick process to get us both out of the house with brushed teeth every day.  As I turn the water off, I hear the pitter-patter of little feet scrambling about the house.  I shake my head and smile thinking of the shenanigans the little rascal is up to.  Then I hear the toaster “pop”!  I figured I was hearing things and continued getting ready.  I few minutes later, “POP”!  I get curious, throw some clothes on and start heading down the hall.  I am about 3 steps away and I hear the “pop” again.  Dear lord.

Last week, I showed HJ how to make is own toast.  He would stand over the toaster, and push the button, while I did everything else.

I look into the kitchen and find this

In total, there were 6 pieces of toast on the counter.  Two pieces were on plates and covered in peanut butter.  There was also a large glob of peanut butter on the floor.  The toaster was unplugged and pushed away from HJ because he knows he has to “be careful” around it.  See the chair pushed against the counter and the dishwasher open?  He leaned the dishwasher door against the chair so he could climb onto the other counter to clean his knife at the sink.  I am also guessing that means the knife was grabbed from the dishwasher (and dirty).

I asked him what he was doing, and he gave me this look,

But then followed up with, “I made you and me toast!”  Sure enough, I glanced at the counter again…

Isn’t he just melt-your-heart sweet?  After our peanut butter toast, he put the dishes in the dishwasher, went to the bathroom (where he told me to “stop looked at me!”), and dressed himself.

Here is his outfit choice from the front:

And the back:

Then he asked for a quick picture with mom before we headed out the door.