Locally, we don’t have a zoo.  We do however have a petting zoo.  The other weekend, my lovely friend B and I decided to take the kids.  It ended up being one of those beautiful days where it wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t humid, it was PERFECT out.  That is pretty hard to come by in Iowa during the summer!

HJ loves animals.  He isn’t afraid of them in the least.  And he loved running around saying hello to every little animal there.

There were lots of ducks that HJ and his buddy liked to throw food at.

And feed carrots to the horses.

We got to hold kitties named “binky”.

And act like chickens.

There were lots of goats and bunnies and even a ferret.

It is not a huge place, so we were ready to go after an hour and a half.  HJ and I thought we should get a new pet…

Boy did he love this kitty!

The petting zoo was run by children involved with the local 4-H and was free for us to enjoy!

We followed up our petting zoo adventure with a trip to a local Mexican restaurant where the kids acted nuts!

***And on the note of our free fun, I know, I have been avoiding my budget blogs.  Because I suck at budgets and have no control over my finances.  UGH.

2 Thoughts on “Petting Zoo Fun

  1. Cute cute cute! I can’t wait until Stella gets just a wee bit older to truly enjoy those kinds of things. By the way…did you get your package?

  2. I just went to a petting zoo on my 25th birthday. they’re fun at any age!! 🙂

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