I did it again.  I know I have complained about online dating before, but here I am again.The only reason I am trying online dating again is because how else can single parents meet people?!!

It’s not like I have free nights where I hit up the town with friends.  And if I do, I am not out to try to meet people.  I am enjoying my friends company.

If I go somewhere…like the grocery store…HJ is with me.  That makes it hard to “meet” people.  So I hit up the internet.  Again.

This time I am trying eHarmony.  The first few days it seemed okay.  Unlike most dating sites, you can’t search people.  They send you a few matches of people you are compatible with and those are the only ones you can connect with.  Seems great, huh?  It did eliminate quite a few “oh hell no” moments.   However, after a week, the matches stopped coming.

Either I am really difficult to date or there just aren’t a lot of men, ages 25-40, in little old small town, Iowa.

Seriously, I haven’t had a match emailed to me since week one passed.

And, when I signed up, I had to pay for 3 months of service (that was the smallest membership possible.

So I kind of feel like they ripped me off.

And I don’t mean to be rude, but most of the matches are not people I would even give a second glance to.  Unless it was a glance to make sure they weren’t following me.

I did chat with one seemingly nice guy.  We might actually be meeting soon.  But the thing is, we already knew each other. (thank you small town)

Has anyone been having luck with online sites, or should I give them up once and for all?  I was kind of hoping trying it again might bring a few dates my way…not just one with someone I know!



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  1. I would say its sucks they “match” you because a computer does. They use the info you provide to see who you have similar interest with (which 9 out of 10) are the folks we would never look at! Good luck….And old but at the end wise advise, stop looking, when you do you will start looking at some of the ppl around you differently or someone new might come your way…..trust me, it works!

  2. I agree with the latter part of Aide’s comment. I’ve had some luck online. It helps to learn the tricks of the trade. And the reality is, so many people are doing online dating now that you have just as much of a chance to meet the same person online as you would off of it.

    Good luck to you. I look forward to reading about your journey.

  3. I hope it goes well for you! And it’s def true…you always find love when you AREN’T looking. Happened to me!

  4. Online dating has always been a big, fat fail for me. In all my dating years, I’ve only ever met people organically. I mean, I’ve met people from online, but they were always a massive disappointment in some way.

    BUT…I’d say about 60% of my coupled friends have all met their mates online. It can and does happen! I’m looking forward to following your journey as you go!

  5. I’ve just tried okcupid which is free and it’s not bad. Maybe try one like that so you don’t have to pay the fees. I feel like there are quite a few people on it…but it’s alot of picking through the weeds to get to the flowers. I’ve actually only found like 2 guys that really caught my eye and only 1 of them wrote me back 🙁 Good luck!

  6. The reality is, it’s hard to meet good people anymore, whether it’s online or off. I do online as well and it’s hit or miss for me. You have to give it a little bit of time and have some patience. Match, POF, or OKCupid are probably your best bets though. POF is free. So you could give it a shot while being on eHarmony.

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