3 Thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Our youngest son loved his binky… (and our two daughters before him both had either a special blanket or something soft to suck on) to this day, one of the girls still has something soft she likes to cuddle with) my two cents worth is,,,,don’t worry about it…when we were @ that same place thinking we should maybe remove that from one of the kids lives, a good friend of ours who happened to be an RN (older/ raised several children of her own) told us to not sweat it..let them enjoy it…they would grow up soon enough…and they would eventually give it up on their own once they go to school…never seen a 5 yr old sucking on their binky in school..had we? 🙂 yep…they are only little for such a short time….

  2. Aahh! So cute! Loosing teeth is a common one I hear. So sad picturing him trying to get it off the diving board lol Does he have a Batman tattoo?

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