I envisioned HJ and I spending summer running around outside.  Playing until he is worn out and crashing in bed until morning.

Mother Nature decided to make it MUCH to hot for us to fulfill that dream, so I have been left to find ways to entertain my tot inside.

Doesn’t he just scream “I am bored!” in this picture?

We have spent many nights at the library and the pool.  And other nights running around the house.  A few nights back, we got bored.

I remembered seeing a thing on pinterest about microwaving a bar of soap and watching it expand.  I figured that was easy enough, and might amuse the little guy.

So, we got a bar of soap and put it in the microwave.  He watched with amazement for about oh, a minute. (it took 3).

Then he got bored.

The soap did expand, and HJ was slightly amused (just slightly, not any more than that).

And I don’t have a picture of the blown up bar of soap because…

OH MY GOD IT SMELLED SO BAD!  I grabbed it with an oven mitt and threw it in the yard.

The next day I researched on the internet and it said to use Ivory soap (but then it also said to experiment with different brands).  Maybe I used the wrong kind.  The only thing I can think of is that our soap was an anti-bacterial bar of soap.

But, my house smelled like the stupid bar of soap for 3 days.

And I know, you are thinking doesn’t that make your house smelled clean?  But no.  You know that person who wears too much perfume and it gags you?  It is sort of like that.  Too much of a good thing=uck.

Dare I say, pinterest fail?

Oh well, I guess it kept us occupied for 3 minutes.  Almost.

4 Thoughts on “Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap (my pinterest fail)

  1. I just laughed so hard that I snorted! Hopefully the soap smell is gone!

  2. chelset on July 27, 2012 at 5:53 pm said:

    as much as I love pinterest… the pictures & simple, short stepped processes can be so deceiving! we need to determine a fail to success ratio for pinterest attempts. ha!!

  3. cheers to trying! sometimes pinterest needs a discloser…

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