Sometimes, HJ gets called silly names.  The most common are lovebug, honey bunny bear and bugs.  Just so you know.

He doesn’t like being called these names in public after I slipped at daycare drop off and said “bye honey bunny bear”.  Guess what the kids called him all day?


Hj has become pretty funny.  He is always leaving me laughing.  I thought I would share a few of our moments with all of you

  • The other day, we were talking about friends.  I asked HJ who his best friend was (he always answers cousin E).  This day, he said “Ella”.  I asked him what happened to cousin E.  He told me, “Cousin E isn’t pretty like Ella”.  And so it begins.
  • One night at dinner, HJ was telling me what they did at daycare.  He was playing downstairs with Ella, and she was tickling his belly.  And he tooted.
  • A few months ago, Nana bumped her head on a light fixture in the house.  Every time HJ walks by the light, he hits his head and yells, “Nana, ow!”
  • HJ likes to pretend he is a dog.  He will set out food and water bowls for himself.  He will crawl around the house only speaking in “barks”.  And once, he tied himself up outside and pooped in the yard.
  • We are working on potty training.  If HJ goes potty, he gets sticker for his potty chart.  If he catches me going potty, he insists I get a sticker as well.  My potty chart is looking good.
  • He also offered great grandma a sticker.
  • The other morning HJ told me he needed to wash his hands.  I watch the dog walk over and lick his hands “clean”.  He then told the dog “thank you”.

The kid keeps me on my toes and I love it.  Not  a day goes by that he doesn’t leave me cracking up.

2 Thoughts on “My Funny Honey Bear

  1. Those are hilarious! Being a single parent is so much easier when your kid is funny though right? Guess that goes for any parent, but eh. I totally snorted about the pooping in the yard, that is one for the scrapbook!!!! Cute kiddo you have there.

    • Omg, a picture of my kid squatting in the yard while hooked up to a chain…classy:) but you are right! Sorry, no picture of the solo cup on fire. We were too busy trying to put out two plastic cups engulfed in flames while toddlers held on refusing to let go of the sparklers. Luckily, no injures, just melted cups.and a few panicked moms. I am shocked all pinterest pins are not throughly tested. On to the wine detox. it is legit.

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