Week one on the budget was a fail.

I tried.  Really, I did.

But a few things came in to play I wasn’t expecting.  I had 3 days off work.  I left town 3 times.  This means I had to buy gas for the car.  This means I became super forgetful and had to buy things…

Seriously, I left my swimsuit at home when going boating in 100+ degree temperatures.  I found a consignment store and got a cute swimsuit for $4.82…but will probably never wear it again since it is TOO BIG.  The lady handed me safety pins at the store.

Also, I lost my phone charger.  That was an extra $28.88.  Plus the gas and food and snacks and…well, you get it.

Luckily, like I said before, there were no daycare costs last week.  Also, I sold a bunch of Harrison’s old stuff (like his cute monkey bedding), so I same out a bit ahead.

I am really planning on focusing on the budget this week (no random trips 3 days in a row!).  Also, I know for sure that I will not be getting any child support this month…guess who is unemployed?

My plan today is to attack the lovely budget sheet that the lovely Coordinated Kate sent me!  Wish me luck!

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