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For a while now, I have envisioned certain art work in my hallway at home.  I wanted a canvas with HJ’s 1 year and 2 year pictures.  But not just pictures, I also wanted it to capture his personality.

With the help of a co-worker, I created these:

Then, I scoured the web searching for an inexpensive canvas.  I quickly learned that *inexpensive* and *canvas* do not go together.

UNTIL I received my daily email from Groupon.  One day, they were offering discounted photo canvases.  I jumped on that.  I purchased a 16×20 canvas for $45, marked down from $112.  And then I bought another.

I submitted the photos and anxiously awaited the arrival.

While pulling into the house after a crazy day at work, I saw the large box on my doorstep.  EEKS!  I quickly turned on Curious George to help distract my little monkey and tore into the box.

And then, I started whining.  One of the words was wrapped around the edges.  I cursed to myself that I knew it was too good of a deal to turn out how I pictured.  Then, I took my rage to the phone and called Canvas On Demand.

Instead of being put on hold and waiting for WAY to long, they asked for me to input my number and said someone would call back shortly.  I LOVE not being put on hold.  My anger started to diminish.

Within 5 minutes, someone called me back.  I told her what happened.  She said, “Oh, we should have caught that before!  Just change the placement of the word and we will send you a new one.”

Just like that.

I asked how I should send back the original canvas.  She told me just to keep it.  She also pointed out that my other order appeared to be the same, so they would send out a new one of the Age 2 picture as well.


I even told her the first canvases were not awful…just part of one word was cut off.  It still looked ok.  She said to pass it on to the grandparents.

I submitted the new pictures, and she personally emailed me back to say they looked great.

Seriously, I love great customer service.

Here is how they look in the newly painted hallway:

Look at that CUTEY PATOOTIE!

Continuing on my hallway kick, I changed this:

To this:

I love that it looks brighter!  All it took was a little can of white spray paint.  Although, I also managed to spray paint my hand…including a ring…whoops.

The newly painted frames wall should get additions.  I really want to add more “stuff” to that wall.  It looks a little bare.  The next thing I want up there involves cross stitching, so if you know anyone who can cross stitch, let me know (wow, 25 year old Kristin never envisioned 30 year old Kristin saying such words).

My master plan involves adding a new “HJ Canvas” every year.  I definitely plan on using Canvas On Demand after the great customer service I experienced.  Let’s just hope Groupon offers the deal again!

3 Thoughts on “My Canvas on Demand

  1. How refreshing to hear about great customer service!

  2. They look AWESOME!!!! 🙂 love photo canvases!

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