You have heard my rants about child support.  I have never received the full amount.  Not once.  Typically, I receive enough so that the child support office does not get the deadbeat in trouble with the law (about $50-100 a month).  Since his employer starting withholding income (OMG, I had to laugh typing that), I have received even less.

Along came April…I received nothing.  I waited until May 5th to call in and point out the fact that I had not received a dime.  Naturally, they were shocked and surprised.  I guess they don’t actually watch the cases to see whats going on.  Goes to show that parents need to be proactive about this stuff.

His “work” (laughing again…) said that he had chosen not to work the previous month due to vacation, so that is why there was no check sent.

Finally, a month where deadbeat did not comply with the rules set before him.  He went 2 years doing the bare minimum to not get in trouble.  And it finally got him.  Right?

Well, I think so at least.

After a few phone calls, it appears the Child Support Office sent a certified letter stating if he did not pay at least $100 within 30 days,  his license would be suspended.

He did not comply.

I don’t know if he thinks he is smarter than the system or just that dumb.  The letter he received stated that he would lose his Iowa Driver’s License.  I confirmed that even though he doesn’t live in Iowa, any driver’s license would be suspended.  As would any other licenses he may have (he has other licenses’ due to work).

I was then informed that the case is being turned over to an Interstate Case since he is so delinquent.  My case worker told me this would help them move quicker in doing things like having him held in contempt of court.

Unlike the time I found out his income would be withheld, I am not hopeful that this means I will receive any money.  I am just hopeful he might finally be held accountable. But really, I have learned that hoping for anything in this situation is just another way to be disappointed.

3 Thoughts on “More Child Support Rants

  1. Hang in there sister…I know this stinks 🙁

  2. Good luck with everything and hang in there!

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