I have never had glasses.  Never need contacts.  I clearly remember taking the eye test in grade school and always having ridiculously good vision…like 16/20.  I could read signs WAY before anyone else…which is clearly an important skill.

Then I turned 30.

After realizing that the computer screen is always blurry and getting tension headache after tension headache at work, I threw up the white flag.  I surrendered to the eye doctor.

My thoughts on the eye doctor?  Remember this scene from friends?

Yup, that’s how I feel.

But I went.  And sure enough, I no longer had perfect vision.  Also, he dilated my eyes, which led to me looking like I was stoned while standing in line at panchero’s next to a cop, and then at a few business meetings.  I don’t think I closed the deal at the meetings, and the cop was pondering arresting me.

So now I have glasses.

I remember in 7th grade when my BFF had to get glasses.  She was so concerned she was going to turn into instant geek.  That people would call her 4-eyes.  And everyone would de-friend her (for the record, still a BFF, so I didn’t de-friend her).  And she survived. And she even got braces the same year, at least I don’t have to get those again.   And that was Junior High…so I can get through this right?

My parents told me they make me look smart.  Apparently I look dumb without them.  HJ thinks they should not be on.  And calls them “TO BIG!”.

Maybe at some point I will upload a picture.  But for now, I fear junior high kids calling me 4-eyes and chasing me.  Let me come to terms with it first.


One Thought on “Seeing 20/20

  1. Nicole on June 14, 2012 at 10:08 am said:

    Post a pic!! I know how you feel, i just got a pair of darker frame, kind of bigger than I normally get, squareish ones!!

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