My bathroom is not very large.  The towels and washcloths are all stored in the linen closet out in the hall.  This has proven to be problematic more than once.  While getting out of the shower, I realize I forgot to grab a towel.  Then, I have to run through the house naked, while splashing water everywhere.

Last week when this happened, I had a different approach.  I yelled for HJ, and naturally he ignored me.  Then I said, “HJ can you help mommy?” 

The kid loves helping.  In no time he had sprinted through the house while yelling “suuuuure mommy!”

He came to the bathroom and stared at me.  “HJ, can you get mommy a towel?”   He said “uh-huh” and handed me a kleenex.  Well crap, that didn’t go as planned.

“Hey HJ, can you go the linen closet and get me a towel?”

He responded with a blank stare.

“You know that door next to your bedroom?  It is closed.  Can you go open it and grab a towel?”

He sprinted off to the hall.  I heard the door open.  I figured he would come in holding a washcloth or a hot wheel (yes, hot wheels are in the linen closet.  They have taken over the whole house.).  But he surprised me when he ran back in holding a towel and smiling with excitement.  We both started cheering and jumping up and down.

“YEAH!  You did it!  You can follow directions!  Mommy is so proud!  Oh such a big boy!”

He was shouting along, “Me did it!  Me did it!”

He is growing up too fast.

One Thought on “My Helper

  1. He handed you a kleenex! I love it!! Too cute.

    I can just picture your face as he handed it to you, because I bet for just a fraction of a second you contemplated how you could make it work. At least, I would have.

    Thanks for making me smile.

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