I am a bad blogger.

You see, it started with a one week break.

Then, it became so nice outside.

HJ and have been enjoying nice weather, lovely neighbors and amazing family.

Also, work became busy.  Hectic almost.  Lots of traveling and getting home late.  That leads to a tired mama.

So, I am sorry.

But really, no one questioned my whereabouts…so I am not even sure you all noticed I was gone.

Hopefully I can get caught up on some of my blog reads.  I feel as though I lost connections with friends.  You know, friends I have never actually met but know WAY too much about their lives?  Yeah, I miss them.

Hopefully, I am back.

4 Thoughts on “Let Me Explain…

  1. I noticed you were gone 🙂

  2. Of course I noticed you were gone but I know you are a busy mama and figured you were enjoying HJ! 🙂
    Love getting your updates so keep em coming. Not that you asked but I love when you post activities you do with your son. I am always looking for ideas with Stella 🙂

  3. blogging for me goes in streaks. I tend to blog more in the winter…plus I’ve noticed the comments seem to taper off as we get into Summer.

  4. I like it when your posts pop up in my inbox 🙂 But I am a bad blogger too – started out so well at 2-3 posts a week, then life happened. Moving, going from full-time mom to working mom, living with in-laws – and blogging fell to the side. Hours become precious and I want to spend them playing with my son instead of in front of the computer – I’m sure you are exactly the same way with HJ.

    I am excited to read what you post – but try not to feel guilty if you’d rather spend the day/week with your kiddo!! 🙂

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