Wedding Season is upon us.  I know this because I recently had a friends wedding I was invited to.  I had to miss due to it being halfway across the country, but I still wanted to send some love the couples way.

I don’t have lots of extra cash, so I came up with a cute, budget friendly gift.  Cute enough that I made myself one in the process.

I found the jpeg on pinterest, sent it into a local printing store and framed it up!  I also attached a white board marker to the bottom with Velcro to encouraging leaving love notes.

Here is the one for my house:

My lovebug hasn’t noticed it yet, but someday we can hopefully pass notes back and forth :).

Speaking of weddings, did you know I was a wedding planner for 3 years?  Yup, I can give ya all sorts of tips on weddings.  Also, I have been in quite a few.  The first was when I was the maid of honor for my sister’s when I was 18 (no picture of that, it was before the digital camera era).
The next one was for my friend Kristin:

There I am with blonde hair and a spray tan.

I was a personal attendant for my friend Sarah(no picture, because it was before I has a digital camera…I was way behind on that one).

Then, I got to be the maid of honor again for my lovely friend Court:

Yes, I really am that short.

That same summer, I was in my friend Amy’s wedding (the Amy who delivered my little HJ):

The next wedding I was in was my friend Becky’s:

This was when HJ was six months old and I had to keep breaking away to go pump…I actually pumped in a car on a very busy street in Des Moines, ha.

And finally, last summer I was a personal attendant for Danielle (who was one of the first people I met at college and we bonded instantly):

I think my hair color changed with every picture.

Anyone have creative gifts for weddings?


4 Thoughts on “Wedding Season

  1. Shaunna Ulrick on April 26, 2012 at 4:00 pm said:

    I also have this pinned and what an awesome idea for the upcoming weddings I have too!
    Thanks and love reading old friend 🙂

  2. THAT is cute! I’m going to have to look at your pin boards. I will copy that and make it for my home too. My kids will probably fight over who writes something. I do love weddings, always cry. We have a little something in common because I was in the floral industry for a spell, dabbled in weddings, you know. Just did flowers for a friend last fall and promptly reminded myself why I got out of it.;) Weddings are magical for sure. I think I’ve been in 9 or something…ugh. Despite the hair color, you looked just lovely in each one!

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