Apparently, I forgot to post about Easter.  Whoops. 

HJ and I celebrated with Nana and Papa and my sister and her family.  On Saturday of Easter weekend, we went to a pancake breakfast and had an Easter egg hunt.  The bunny was there…but there are no pictures with the scary, scary bunny.  HJ would not get within 10 feet of him.  But HJ was excited for Easter egg hunts!


After the first hunt, my nephew and HJ sat down to compare loot.

Then it was time to go to Nana and Papa’s to color eggs.


Then, we relaxed until Easter Sunday.  And the egg races were off again!

Which did lead to some temper tantrums.

Until it was discovered there was food in the eggs!

HJ even gave up picking the food out of the egg, and just shoved it all in his mouth.

Mommy may have told him to chill out on the sweets for a bit, which led to more tantrums…(check out his new pout)

Luckily, cousins make life fun.

And bubble wands can become swords.

One Thought on “Flashback to Easter

  1. Oh my he’s getting so big and handsome! Haha I can’t help but laugh… the new pout is so cute 😉

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