HJ loves pretending to fly.  He runs around the house shouting, “I flying really fast!”.  The past few weeks he was even making capes out of anything he could..shirts, coats, robes…we even went on a walk with a bath towel tied around his neck.

I remembered pinning  something on pinterest a while back about easy ways to make capes for kids, I couldn’t find the pin, but vaguely remembered what to do.  While out running errands, I grabbed this cheap $3 red adult t-shirt


I cut along the side seam, cut off the sleeve, and left the back and collar on.  Basically, I took off the front and the sleeves, while leaving the part you stick your neck through.  And viola, easy and cheap superhero cape.

I tried to get pictures of the finished product, but it is hard to get a good picture of a 2-year-old running around “flying”.  Here is the photo shoot attempt…





HJ loves wearing his superhero cape around, he even likes to show it off by wearing it around the neighborhood.

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