I do not understand the Child Support system.  I feel as if it is built to help dead beats.

You may remember a few months ago when I excitedly posted that HJ’s father was finally going to have money withheld from his check to pay his support.  I REALLY thought this finally meant I was going to be getting the money.  And the right amount.

I was wrong.

First off, the company had 30 days to comply with the withholding order.  That 30 days made it so I missed out on receiving ANY type of support for the month of February.  Once the 30 days hit, I called the CS office.  They contacted his employer.  The employer said that they would be making payments once a month.  At the end of the month.  So I received nothing for February, and finally received some support at the end of March.  The amount I received was not the full amount, in fact it was only about 60% of the full amount.  This week the CS office decided once again to contact his employer to see what they were doing.  They said that HJ’s dad is not working many hours, so they are only obligated to take 50% of his take home pay.

No one mentioned that he hasn’t been working much because they were on vacation for two weeks.  If I take a vacation, my bills are still due.

The amount was set almost 2 years ago, and there have only been 3 times where I actually received the full amount.

I am not a financial genius, but if I was to not pay my bills, I would get in trouble.  I would lose my house.  I would lose my car.  I wouldn’t be able to survive.

But a dead beat dad can apparently skip out on payments and they just “add it to his tab” like it’s no big deal?  Oh, he only owes you $12,000 in support we all agreed and signed on?  No big deal.

Why does it feel like the system is set up against the people who are actually supporting their children?

4 Thoughts on “Child Support Frustrations

  1. I hear you. I share the same exact frustrations. When are these men going to be held accountable by SOMEONE? They are masters at working the system because the system makes it easy for them to do. My ex does not work a traditional nine to five gig so everything he makes is under the table. it makes it all too easy for him to not pay if he doesn’t want to. He puts everything in someone elses’ name and therefore he is able drive around a $50K truck and float under the radar. It is sickening.

  2. Girl, I can’t even. I did actually regularly receive the correct amount for about 2 years, until 2 months ago and it just stopped. Apparently he got fired or something and just never bothered to tell me. I feel bad because I depended on that money to pay for the kid’s insurance, and then bam! I feel like a fool for depending on it when I knew better. AND I hate that I just wrote that sentence, because it’s all kinds of wrong.

    • I totally understand! Unfortunately, child support is just one of those things that we can’t depend on. Isn’t that sad? It’s not like we can just decide, “Ya know what, I am not giving any money to my child this month!”. Yet people get away with it all the time. Stupid us for being responsible…and awesome moms :).

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