I kill plants.  All sorts of them.  I like to think it is because I give them too much love.  Currently, my boss kidnapped the one plant in my office to try to “save” it.  I have gone to floral shops and asked for “plants that are hard to kill”, and then get laughed at when they point out ones that I have in fact already killed.

One time I had a peace lily that actually thrived for over 2 years under my care.  Then my mom was visiting one weekend and said it needed the sun.  She set it outside for the day while we went out shopping.  The temperature with humidity that day was about 100 degrees.  The plant died.  Heat stroke, I guess.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I like to rant. 

Actually, because I am trying my hand at keeping plants alive again.  I saw a few cute ideas on pinterest (shocker, I know) and combined them to come up with this



(Excuse the dirty patio) 

This is my herb garden.  Because apparently I am hoping to turn into the type of person that uses fresh herbs.  Keeping plants alive and using herbs…woah.  Makes me sound all adult like.

Naturally, after I put plants outside I get an alert on my phone for a frost warning.  The first time in MONTHS.  And it is supposed to continue through next week.  This meant I had to bundle up the plants last night by covering them up with a sheet.  As of this morning, they are still alive…and they have been in my care for 3 whole days now.


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