The other morning, I was in the shower.  HJ came running in asking me to turn on a movie.  I told him I was busy, but would help him when I was out of the shower.

A few minutes later, I turned off the shower.  Behind the bathroom door, I could hear a TV on.  I open the door and discovered this…

He built a staircase and turned the TV on.  How he did it, I will never know.  My dresser is OLD, like great-great grandma old.  I have to use two hands to open the drawers (maybe I should get new furniture…).  He somehow pulled the bottom drawer completely out.  Then, he opened the next two drawers just a little bit, building himself a staircase and climbing on up to the TV.

While I was picking up that mess, I heard him doing something in the kitchen.  I came out to HJ and the dog shoving a bowl of potato chips in their mouths.  He apparently opened the pantry, climbed up the shelf (I have to hide chips from him, and clearly I need a new spot) and put them in a bowl.

This morning, HJ was playing with a toy that asks questions about animals.  I was listening to him play and giggling.  First I heard it ask, “What animal has a big mane?”.  His response was, “LION! ROAR!”.

The next question was, “What animal has a belly pouch?”.  He must have been thinking, because it asked again, “What animal has a belly pouch?”.

His response?  “MY MOMMY!”

One Thought on “My Wild Child

  1. Shaunna Ulrick on April 2, 2012 at 11:30 am said:

    Oh lady! You and your wild child make me laugh 🙂

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