I do.  And I love it.  It is a guilty pleasure.  It also isn’t really my fault.  It is not like I sit by my TV at the exact time the crappy shows are on to catch the newest episode.  The only time I actually watch TV is typically on a weekend, during HJ’s nap time, while I am cleaning, organizing, catching up on phone calls AND watching TV.   So I must have something on basically for “background noise”.

HJ typically naps around 12:30 or 1.  I walk to the living room, turn on the TV and the only thing on is a marathon show on E! or MTV.  This is how I get sucked in.  Suddenly, I am able to catch up on exactly what the Kardashian’s are doing, I know what life is like on the Jersey Shore or what 16-year-old got knocked up.  And I can watch five hours of it (well, not really, usually only 2, but it is on for 5 hours).

That is my skeleton in the closet.

I like crap TV.

Here are the shows I have fallen victim to:

Teen Mom (both 1 and 2)It’s just good TV (no, no it isn’t).  I can’t help but watch.  I know what it is like to be a single mom, but I was older.  I knew when the guy was crap, I had finished high school (and college) and I had a job.  It’s not that I like watching these girls struggle.  It is that I can relate to them.  I remember watching 16 and Pregnant (another addiction, but same people) and one of the new moms, Chelsea, received a text from her baby’s dad that said something along the lines of  “tell me how I can sign away this mistake”. OMG (yeah, the shows even make me talk like a teenager), it broke my heart.  I burst into tears.  And I know EXACTLY how that text felt.  I wanted to reach out and give her a hug and make her stay away from that awful boy (but she didn’t).

Jersey Shore-It makes me laugh.  The people on this show are absolutely ridiculous.  And hilarious.  I don’t know why they get such a bad rap.  They play jokes on each other, they drink together and they argue…they are living together after all.  And Snookie always has her friends backs, I would love to have her as a friend.  The guys are a little skanky for my taste, but ya know what?  Good for them.  Although they might all die of syphilis.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Whoever Take some Town (not the Khloe and Lamar one though, I don’t know why, but her baby talking voice annoys me)-Kourtney is seriously funny.  I want to be friends with her too.  Kourtney, Snookie and me…

Please tell me I am not the only one that gets sucked into bad tv?!?

2 Thoughts on “I Watch Crappy TV

  1. I’m a sucker for the Teen Mom shows too. My favorite Teen Mom was Maci. Her bf Ryan reminded me alot of my ex it was a close one between him and Chelsea’s guy 🙁 . I’m not a teen but yes it’s relateable as a single mom. I use to watch it all the time but I’ve kinda pulled myself away as of lately. I’m a huge fan of that show New Girl now. It’s so funny and I love Zoey Deschanel!

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