Once again, I accepted the Pinterest Challenge from Young House Love and Bower Power.  The item I chose to make? Fish Scale Wall Art from Two Thirty-Five Designs.  The difference is that Two Thirty-Five Designs made a super huge Fish Scale Wall Art picture, and I made a teeny-tiny version.  I didn’t have quite the wall space apparently.  Also, at our house it is called the Dragon Scale picture  because fish gross me out.

I ran to the store and bought silver spray paint and a pack of ten poster boards (total cost, less than $5).  Once HJ was tucked in for the night, I started tracing circles onto the poster board.  The circle I traced was 2.5 inches across.  After I filled up one poster board, I figured I would cut them out and see how many more I needed.  I settled in front of the couch and watched a Jersey Shore marathon while cutting away (I can’t believe I just admitted that.  It was a Friday night, I swear there was nothing on.  Don’t Judge.).  After cutting out the circles, I got a piece of cardboard (from a diaper box) that was the same size as the frame I had in a closet.  I wanted the scales to overlap a bit, so I drew lines on the cardboard that were two inches apart.

Once all the lines were drawn, I started laying the circles on and stapling them on.  Yup, staple (also why it overlapped, to cover the staples).  Luckily, I only need one and a half poster boards to fill up the 11×14 frame…woohoo, my fingers were sore from cutting!

When all the circles were stapled on, I trimmed up the edges so they were even with the cardboard.  Then out to the garage where I spray painted the heck out of it until it was a glistening silver.  Side note: make sure the cardboard is all the same side up (glossy side or non glossy), the spray paint looks a bit different on each one…so I had to replace a few circles.

I let it try over night, then popped it into the frame and hung it in the entry way.  It was super easy, and it looks fun and unique (and under $5)!

9 Thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge-Fish Scale Wall Art

  1. Looks great!

    Fish creep me out too. So badly in fact that I won’t get into water when I can see them.

    • I won’t get into water in the off chance they are there! And if for some reason I do (usually heat related), I will kick the whole time to “scare them off”.

  2. I’m discovering all kinds of great projects through the Pinterest Challenge – LOVE your fish/dragon scale art 🙂 I can see how it could be time-consuming to put it all together, but it’s an easy way to create a really unique and funky piece of art for your home.

    I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but when I was a kid swimming in the lake at the cottage, I’d like the minnows nibble my toes 🙂

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  4. That is really cool! Looks great on your wall, which is also cool.

  5. Great job on the fish scale wall art. It looks pretty awesome. I just love the Pinterest community. There are tons of awesome projects to participate in.

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