I have been putting off painting the playroom. I was having trouble picking out a color. At one time, I wanted to do a bright green, but thought I might get sick of it. At another point, I wanted to paint it white and put up some decals, but white seemed blah and boring.

Finally, I decided.  Tan.  WOOHOO exciting, yeah I know.  But I figure with all the wild colors we already have in there, something a bit muted would be better.  Plus, hopefully it can “grow with the room”, because I hate painting.

So here was the room “before”:

One night after HJ was tucked into bed, I taped off the room.  The next afternoon, during nap time, I started painting.  Now remember, things usually don’t go smoothly for me.  This was no exception. 

I moved all the toys, furniture and couch to the center of the room.  I then opened the window to help get rid of the “paint smell” and set the paint pan full of paint next to it.  I stepped out of the room to grab sheets to lay out.  I stepped out for only a split second.  That is when the dog poked his head in the door, saw the open window and bounced over to look outside.

His front two paws splashed into the paint pan as I shouted, “NO TY-TY!”.  My shouts scared him, which led him to fly across the room…over the couch.  So, spread throughout the room in a tan paint color were puppy paw prints (large puppy paw prints), as well as on the couch.  I tried pulling him out of the room while holding his back two legs.  This caused a little bit of paint to drip on the hallway carpet and in the mud room.  The paint also splattered onto my new handbag (which was hanging by the door) and got on my shoes.


I spent the next half hour scrubbing the carpets, the couch and my handbag, while the dog was whining from the garage.  Luckily, most of it came out (since the paint was still wet).  I did miss a drop in the hallway, but I am hoping it will wear off soon.  Also, it looks like I painted the dogs nails.

Nap time is only about an hour and a half, and I knew I had to be all cleaned up before HJ woke up, so this left me with just under 45 minutes to paint.  Needless to say, it did not get finished.  I spent my lunch hour the next few days finishing up.


Not much of a difference, you can see the contrast against the trim.  It does make the room feel “warmer” though, so I am happy with it!

One Thought on “Playroom Paint Fiasco

  1. I’m sorry because this made me laugh, out loud, at work. But you did a great job painting! I don’t have the guts to paint a room let alone one wall by myself.

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