Last week was crazy busy at work.  I also had a gift card to a local spa burning a hole in my pocket.  This led me to scheduling a facial!  I have never had a facial, but decided it sounded relaxing. 

Friday afternoon, I took off work early and went to the spa.  I was escorted to the back room and given a robe.  They told me to undress, put on the robe and come out.  Huh.  I thought they were just working on my face, so I was not ready to be in my birthday suit.  I stammered out a, “like naked?  All the way?  Totally undressed?”.  This apparently amused them.  I was then told I could leave my underwear on.  I one up’ed them and left my socks on too.  I walked back out into the spa lobby feeling not-so-chic in a fluffy robe and socks (maybe the socks should have been off).  I then waited 5 minutes (5 minutes!) in a robe and socks next to totally clothed women before being escorted to a room.

In the room, a nice person (I think it was Emily?) said, “I see you have been here before for a bikini wax.  This should be more relaxing.”

Well I should frikken hope so.

She then told me to hang my robe and get on the table.  I learned I would never make it as a nudist.  “Can’t I just wear the robe on under the blankets?”

She told me I might get hot and the oils would get on the robe.

I had no choice but to take off the robe.  She then cleaned my face and wrapped it in a hot towel.  She also let me choose an aroma for the facial…which none of them smelled like freshly baked cookies. 

Here is what I think happened…something got slathered on my face and wiped off 3 times.  Then, something was slathered on and I was wrapped in the hot towel while she rubbed my shoulders with some oil.  Then something else was put on my face and I was re-wrapped while she rubbed my hands.  She kept telling me to close my eyes, so I must have kept opening them, but I wanted to know what was going on.  I heard her yawn a few times, so she must have been bored.  I know I was.

When she was finished, I pranced back to the dressing room in my robe, socks and make-up free face.  I was hoping to look in the mirror and see a glowing skinned, wrinkle and blemish free face, but it really just looked like I was getting ready to go to bed.

I think I might be to much of a wired person to sit and relax for facials.  I felt self-conscious and awkward.  Am I weird or do other people feel to self-conscious to lay on a table naked while some chick rubs your face?

3 Thoughts on “Best Face Forward

  1. I must admit, I get that uncomfy feeling when I have to be buck naked in front of people I don’t know. Weird that they made you take all your clothes off though, I’ve had many a facial in a fancy spa and you can leave the bra/panty combo on. Must say, love me a facial. I’d do it every day if I could. It’s one of my faves. I can’t totally relax during a full body massage though…glad you got some “you” time;)

  2. Ha ha! I’m kind of with you on facials not being that relaxing – I have too many moments of, ‘oh no, can she hear my breathing?’ and ‘I really need to swallow. Can I do that now or is that rude?’!

    I stick to back massages for relaxing – you should try it. There is some nakedness (but you’re face down, who’s back is that interesting?), and the best thing is they can’t see your face and what you’re doing. I like to watch their feet through the hole in the bed your face goes through!

  3. The only people who get to see me in my birthday suit these days the Dr(s)/ their staff and my wife. That seemed a little weird to put you through all that for just a facial.

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