At daycare, HJ and all his little friends have decorated mailbozes in annticipation of Valentine’s Day.  Last week, he returned home with many hearts that said “Ella loves HJ”.  So his bag is all packed up for tomorrow, ready to share the love.  We have discussed how he will get to put one of his cute little valentines in each person’s mailbox.

His Valentine’s?  Super cute.  I had been looking on etsy and pinterest for inspiration.  That is when I realized to buy all the supplies to make it, I might as well just buy them off of etsy.  Plus, how much easier is that!?!

Here are his Valentine’s.  Cute, huh?  Plus, it has a car on it, which makes it super-manly.

Anyone have cute cards that they made?  Am I the only one who took the easy way out?

One Thought on “My Little Valentine, Thanks to #etsy

  1. Those are so cute! I we bought ours too :/ Im so ashamed I let my crafty side down

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