For Christmas, I asked for money (I know, lame), but money to be used for an Ikea trip (not lame!).  A friend and I decided to hit the road bright and early one morning and head to Minneapolis for the day.  My main goal?  To get something to hold the toys in HJ’s play room.  The chaos of the room was starting to drive me crazy and something needed to be done.

My solution was found…

This is not the one I thought I was going to get, but after looking at all the choices and thinking about my son who likes to scale furniture like a monkey, it seemed like the safest option.

Don’t worry, I still came home with lots more stuff…

I picked up this cute rug for HJ’s room.  Here is a closer pic:

 It is fun to watch him navigate the roads with his toy cars.

And of course, I also picked up things for myself.  Like a couple of lamps for my nightstands…

And this cute bowl that is currently residing on the kitchen table…

I also picked up quite a few smaller things.  Like some vases, cutting boards, trivets, etc.  And a few things that haven’t even made it out of my friend’s car yet…whoops.

And of course, since we were in a city with shopping much unlike what I am accustomed to, we also stopped by H&M.  It wasn’t until the ride home that I realized there was no sales tax in Minnesota, nice.

The Ikea trip was a success, but I am already making another wish list.

2 Thoughts on “Ikea Trip

  1. IKEA is going to be the death of me…and my budget!

  2. I love the lamp! I’m going there next weekend…it could be dangerous. I’ve been saving just for Ikea!

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