I recently had my yearly appointment at the doctor and the subject of birth control came up.  I mentioned that I might be interested in starting the pill again.  Not because I think I will be sexually active anytime soon, but because I like knowing when my period is going to start.  The doctor followed up with, “and you never know, accidents happen”

I responded with, “uh-huh, okay, thank you.”

I wanted to respond with, “Accidents?  Do people trip and fall on top of penises a lot?”

I should have responded with, “I am not sure what you mean by accidents.  I am not a sexually active person, and if in the future, I do plan to become sexually active, I will know in advance.  It will not be an accident as you so-called it.”

4 Thoughts on “Birth Control

  1. I just snorted out loud. at work. in the middle of a meeting. Thanks! I guess we girls really have to watch out for those penises that are all around that we could potentially trip and fall on!

  2. Tripping and falling on penises! Oh my. I burst out laughing. Thanks for that. You really should have said that to your doctor.


  3. Very funny! I love that line… I was reading this before bed and though my day was long that post made my day. Thanks for the break in the day!

  4. Laughing Out Loud! seriously… tripping and falling on penises! The best line I’ve heard in a while 🙂

    love it


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