My son swoons over girls already.  Due to his father’s “lady man” status, this has me more than a little freaked out.  This past summer at the pool, he would walk up to the lifeguard stand and stare.  He will turn around at restaurants to oogle blonde servers.  On Wednesday at Panera, he actually pushed me back in my seat because I was blocking his view of a blonde four-year old.  He sat there munching on hs grilled cheese just STARING.  There is a girl at the sorority I am the advisor for that he freaks out over.

It should have come as no shock to me when he told me about his love.  He walked up holding her picture with a sly smile and said “Jessie pretty”.  I said, “Oh yes, very.”  But what I was thinking was what a little tramp, he is way to good for her.  This was a few months ago.  He still loves Jessie.  He talks about her, wakes up in the AM asking about her.  He has drawn pictures of her and freaks out at the mention of her name.

Jessie is alright looking…I think when he said pretty she must have wooed him a bit.  She has red hair that is always in a braid and her clothing is a little weird in my opinion.  Plus, I think she has a thing for astronauts, not 2 year olds.  Here is a picture of her:

See?  He could do better.

But he can’t help himself.  We had rented Toy Story Two from the library, and I had to buy them a new cover.  He was trying to take her picture off of the front.  Anytime he sees a horse, he gets excited thinking she has got to be close by.  Nana and Papa have a Jessie doll at their house, it doesn’t leave his side.

I guess this is his frist celebrity crush and I need to prepare myself for my girl crazy boy.  I hope he doesn’t break too many hearts.

5 Thoughts on “First Crush

  1. Omg how cute! Lol

  2. So cute! I’ve heard of a couple of boys at my daughter’s school who also have the hots for Jessie. She’s quite a heartthrob, it seems.

    They grow up so fast, don’t they? Hold on to your little boy while you can…

  3. That’s stinkin’ adorable!!! My little man has been exclusive with one little girl for like four years. Yeah, no kidding. Four years. Since they were two. He’s utterly in love with her. Unfortunately, I think she’s moved on and isn’t so much into the whole boy thing anymore. Poor little guy is going to be crushed when he finds out!

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