You know that moment where you type up a post three times to have it magically deleted…grr….

Better late than never, right?

HJ had a blast at Christmas this year.  He clearly “gets” the present thing and loved tearing into new toys and casting aside new clothes.  THis year, we spent Christmas Eve morning at my parents, followed by going to the grandparents house.  Christmas morning was spent at our very own house with nana, papa, great grandpa and grandma.  I was even in charge of Christmas morning breakfast, eeks (Thank God for pinterest!).

HJ was spoiled by all of our family (I could not imagine what it would be like if he had another set of grandparents) and just slightly spoiled by me (I surprised myself with my control).

I also was luckily enough to have a wonderful 12 days off of work that I got to spend bonding with my little man.  We played and played and played.  He loved seeing all of his friends and cousins.  I also got to spoil my niece a little.  She spent a few nights with us and I took her to get a feather put in her hair.  She is now one of the coolest 7 year olds you could ever know.  We also purchased some magnetic earrings and got to freak out some family members.  What are aunts for!

Cousins helping HJ.

 My lovely sis and her son.  I actually think we look-alike in this pic!

A two-year-old tantrum

 Santa came!

HJ kept saying “My choo-choo!”

I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday!  Looking forward to what 2012 has to bring us.

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