The other week, my knee suddenly exploded and swelled up to a scary size.  Like a golf ball was stuck under my skin.  While sitting in the ER, the doctor looked at me strange and asked what I am on my knees so much for.  Apparently, the cause of my swelling is common in carpet layers (that’s why they wear knee pads) and older women (gee, thanks).  Not 30-year-old women who sit at a desk.

My response?  “I am always on the floor with my son.  We play, cars, legos, tickle wars, etc.”

My main concern at the ER was that I had on two different socks.  And one had a hole in them.  And the fact that I had been baking Christmas goodies when this all went down.

The diagnosis?  Bursitis.  The sacks of fluid in my knee burst and caused it to swell up.  The doctor told me to ice it, take anti-inflammatories and sent me home.  Over the next few days it turned some strange shades of black, purples and blues.  It still looks like ball is stuck under the skin, but now it is not a golf ball, more like a marble.

Then one day last week, it turned black again and swelled up.  My knee wasn’t taking kindly to my two weeks off of work and playing with my son.  I went back to the doctor and was given a knee brace.

So for now, I can not bend my knee much.  It still hurts, but I *think* it is getting better.  I miss my work outs and crawling around on the ground.  Now that I am back at work, I am hoping that being more stationary during the day will help a lot.

Clearly I am not entering my 30’s gracefully.

4 Thoughts on “I Spend Too Much Time On My Knees

  1. Oh my goodness, you are falling apart! Okay, clearly you need to stop horsing around and ignore your kid. (joke) I hope you heal quickly, you will, you’re still young although you might be in denial.

  2. OUCH!!! Sounds painful. I’m sorry you’re going through that. 🙁 I hope you heal quickly and can get back to getting on your knees again. . . okay, am I the only one with an overly immature mind? Yes? Okay, nevermind!

    My ex got Bursitis in his elbow once so I know it’s not a walk in the park. And sometimes it takes awhile to heal so I hope yours clears up soon!! For the time being, take it easy and have HJ play up on Mommy’s level!

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

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