Bachelor #2 and I had never met.  A friend had told me a little bit about him.  She also told him a little bit about me and gave him my phone number.  The next day he sent me a text asking if I would like to get together sometime.  I said yes, and we decided to get drinks that weekend.

This date was already showing more promise than #1.  He was older, which I decided meant more mature.  I also knew he had friends with kids, which I hoped meant he was more accustomed to the lifestyle I live.

So naturally, I freaked out.

I decided he wouldn’t like me and think I was not cute.  So I needed a new shirt to wear.  I even had a friend come over so I could try on about 6 different outfits and have her critique them.

The night of the date, he sent me a text to meet him at stuffed olive for drinks.  I love stuffed olive.  It is a quieter bar which meant we could actually talk…instead of passing a boot of beer around a table.  And they have fabulous martinis.  FABULOUS.  He walked in the bar about a second after I did and we were able to find a tabel quickly.  My first drink was a salted caramel brulee martini…yum yum yum.

We easily talked about what brought us to live in Cedar Falls, our jobs and our families.  He brought up how much he works and how he rarely has time to go out…except for his monthly vacations (last month Paris, this month Cabo).  He questioned how people have time to work a job and raise kids.  Yup, throw the red flag.

Our conversation was great, he is sweet and mature.  But I don’t think he has time for a relationship.  He has a demanding job that he is passionate about.

After a few more martinis, we left the bar and walked in to a snow globe, it was beautiful outside!  We hugged goodbye.  He sent me a text within a few minutes that said, “I had a good time with you tonight :), have a good rest of the night”

I thanked him again for the drinks and told him to have a good weekend.

I haven’t heard from him since.  I figured I wouldn’t, but he is definitely someone I could see myself being friends with.  It also helped me realize that I did not need to settle for someone who’s maturity level isn’t quite on par with mine.

One Thought on “Bachelor #2

  1. He does sound like a good person. And No you dont have to settle for less maturity or anything less than what you deserve. Once you have a child and arent in a relationship ppl and family start presuring with the “oh u need to have someone in ur live” and not that you dont but you need to take your time and be carefull. Once you have a child there is no time for second chances, and u must be careful who that next person will be because well you have a child you might be affected by ur decisions. The right guy will come around when you least expect it, just keep your eyes, ears and heart open!

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