Last week, I posted about some dates.  I am sure you are all just dying to hear about them…or not…but either way I will go into more detail.

Bachelor numero uno.  #1 and I has talked via text for about a week before we decided to meet for drinks.  We also became “friends” on Facebook, so naturally I am sure we both Facebook stalked each other.  He was cute, but according to Facebook, I was concerned he might be into different things than me.  Meaning, most of his pictures were of drinking games and most of his friends were young little blonde things.  I decided to ignore those signs.  Afterall, he is a 30-year-old single guy and I have no problem with someone partying…and I hadn’t been on a date since April.

We met for drinks in downtown Waterloo.  I have been to that area once and enjoyed it, I just typically go out in Cedar Falls since that is where I live.  When I arrived (on time), he was ordering his second drink.  We stayed there for a few drinks and then went to a German bar down the street.  Suddenly his friends arrived and asked us (or forced…) to do the boot.  Das boot. Das boot is never a good choice if one hopes to remain sober.  It is a large boot filled with beer that gets passed from person to person (also, not very sanitary).  I don’t like beer, so I did what any girl would do on a first date with a guy and six of his friends.  I faked it.  My date, not so much.

Suddenly I look over at #1 and realize he is taking my picture.  So I do what any girl on a first date would do.  I duck.  Then he asked to get a picture with me to remember our first date.

It was close to 1am at this point, which is way past this girl’s bedtime.  I tried tracking him down to let him know I was leaving.  That’s when I discovered he was a smoker.  Ew.

He walked me to my car and then said, “I have already had a OWI, can I get a ride home?”

Hmm.  Alright.  So I drive #1 home, kiss him goodbye, and drive myself home.  I know, I know, what was with the kiss?  Well, throughout the date I pretended to ignore the signs and hoped his charming personality would win me over.

The next day I told some friends it was a fun date, he was really nice, but definitely a little immature for me.  We hung out one other time last week, and I once again had the same conclusion.  After that I received a text (I will quote this with his spelling):

#1:Proly not the best time to bring it up…but I was thinkin about us…n I dnt think im what ur lookin for in a realationship…

SingleMama: I kind of figured I wasn’t your type.  I just figured I would give it a shot.

#1: Dnt get me wrong! ur very Attractive, smart and the convo was good!  The Important stuff I look for!  It sounds like ur looking for a family man…I dnt think Im ready for that jus yet

SingleMama:Ha, yeah, having a kid kind of makes that a given.

#1: Hope we can still be friends ? 🙂

Yes, I applaud him for not just leaving me hanging, and clearly we were both thinking the same thing.  I think what bothered me is that I am not looking to make someone a “family man”.  I don’t care if I am dating someone who goes out to the bars.  I just prefer staying in over that, and would be better suited for someone who is not still in party mode.  I don’t want to make someone feel like I am pushing them into a fatherhood role…especailly after one date.

2 Thoughts on “Bachelor #1

  1. Well, I do give him props for not leaving you hanging! At least you had an ok time. On to the next!

  2. It was cool of him to be upfront with you and not leave you hanging he seems nice but just at a different point in his life. The other commenters right just move onto the next good luck!

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