Almost done with the room reveals!  The living room reveal also has some Christmas decorations in it, so it isn’t quite how it looks full-time.  Here is the view from standing in the kitchen:

I mentioned in a previous post how much I would love to get a sectional couch.  Clearly, I did.  I was putting off doing things like the gallery wall, because I wasn’t happy with my couches.  So I sold them on craigslist and got the sectional!  And, I love it.  It is amazing how much more comfy and how much roomier sectionals are.

The space between the wall and the couch has been taken over as a play area, but it is still hidden from the main area, so I am okay with that.

And one of my favorite parts, the gallery wall:

You might notice that one of the pictures in the bottom row looks like a couple…yeah, I haven’t replaced that from Kohl’s yet.  But the model picture is really cute, so it might be staying for a while :).

HJ loves playing with the tree…

Here is a close-up of the chair I got for my birthday.


I never realized how bare this wall looks until I took a picture of it.  Anyone have any ideas on how to spice it up a bit?

And finally, here is the living room looking back into the kitchen:

And the dog eating a bone.

I love how comfy-cozy the living room feels.  Especially with Christmas decorations.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

8 Thoughts on “Living Room

  1. Love that couch!! Where is it from??

  2. Thanks! It is from Slumberland

  3. Such a cute apartment! I can’t wait to get my own place and start decorating.

    “But the model picture is really cute, so it might be staying for a while” You are too funny lol love it

  4. It looks awesome!! 🙂 I love it! The wider entryway into the kitchen/living room, the gallery wall! (and the couples picture), and the chair! I’ve been thinking about getting a fun chair like that in the future.

    For the wall…is there anything on Pinterest you could make? I saw an empty picture frame with wires in the middle to hang pictures that I thought was neat, but I’m not sure you’d want that in the living room. A mirror, maybe? Or find a quote you like and either do the Uppercase Living way or stencil yourself?

  5. I love your living room. Looks professionally decorated. I also love the gallery wall. That’s a nice way of putting up framed pictures. I will do the same- at least I’ll try 🙂

    • Best compliment ever, thanks! I laid out what I wanted to do on the floor and then traced each frame onto newspaper, tacked that on the wall to make sure it looked ok and finally hung the frames (it actually didn’t take to long)!

  6. Where o where did you get the window curtains? I’m swooning over them!

    Great style!

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