Yes, I know, I have a pinterest problem.  I admit it.  How else am I supposed to fake being creative?  Lately, I have been a pinning machine.  Maybe it’s because of all the super amazing Christmas things on there, maybe because I like to think I can some day accomplish all those things, or maybe (and most likely) because it is a great way to kill some time (right, because I have NOTHING to do all day…wait…).

Anyway, here are the items I am adding to my 2012 DIY Pinterest Style List.

 Shoe boxes covered in fabric….cute, easy and no sewing involved.  My type of project.  Plus, I am fairly certain this means I get to go shoe shopping, right?

Clear ornaments filled with something to remember a vacation by.  The only vacation we went on was to Kansas City this past year, and I did not see any sand.  But maybe cutting strips of the zoo map would work.  Make a new one for all of our trips, CUUUTE!
One of my favorites:

Simple (which is key to me) and HJ would love it.
Also, I have a number of friends getting new houses this year, so this would be a great house warming gift:
Do you see my trend of simple-ness?  There is a list of a few of my “wish-list” DIY items.  Can’t wait to get started!  Anyone else have fun pinterest items they are working on?

2 Thoughts on “Bring It, Pinterest

  1. I have you to thank (or blame!) for my obsession with Pinterest! 🙂 I’ve found SO many great ideas, but haven’t had time to try any yet. I have a long Christmas break at work so I’ll have to pick a few to try out…as long as they are cheap and simple!

  2. I love Pinterest! I mainly use it for the recipes. I stink at crafting!

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