Every now and then you might hear me complain about the size of the town I live in.  It’s not huge.  Sometimes I struggle to find things to keep our little family occupied.  And then there are times where I realize how wonderful this little place is.  While wandering through a shop last week, I overheard a couple telling the store owner how they had just moved here from North Carolina.  They said how beautiful the town was and that it reminded them of Stars Hallow on Gilmore Girls.

HJ and I met some friends downtown last week to celebrate “jingle Mingle”.  Jingle Mingle is where all the shops on Main Street are open late for the holidays.  They had treats and goodies to share, and the window displays were spectacular.  Kids were running up and down the streets.  Various spots had groups of people caroling.  We walked past Frosty the Snowman and even Buddy the Elf.



















There was a trolley ride, pulled by the most beautiful horses. HJ even got to pet the horses and help feed them candy canes (I got licked…by a horse).






Christmas lights lined the streets…




















And the kids eagerly waited for a visit with Santa and his elves…









Santa waits for the kids in a little cottage.  The cottage even has a slide you can go down when you leave!  And in case Santa isn’t there when you visit (or if you are terrified of him like HJ…), you can send him a letter



















The night was tapped off with a cupcake from Scratch, and a sleepy little boy who dozed off in the back seat while we drove by the live Nativity scene.

4 Thoughts on “Christmas Magic

  1. Well looks magical to me! Pretty. Oh my goodness, a slide after Santa like the one on that movie, “A Christmas Story”, with the rifle? I love that movie!

  2. Aww. . .it sounds like you guys had a really good time and that’s awesome!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I apologize for the spacing on the blog…it looks fine on my side of things, and when I try to edit it it ends up all crazy! Oh wordpress…

  4. Aww it looks like such a wonderful time! I live the holidays 🙂

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