Can you guess what song is in my head today??

Before I get into stenciling madness, I want to announce the KROME PHOTO BOOK WINNER!

Here ya go:

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Congrats Staci!  I will send you an email with all of the information.

Now to the stenciling…

The front entry way of my house has a very small wall that needed a little something.  Coat hooks mainly, but I wanted it to be “pretty”.  So I picked out this stencil on etsy.  I also picked up some paint in the same color as my living room wall, but instead of getting it in flat, I had it made in high-gloss.  For the coat hooks, I was inspired by pinterest:

Luckily, I watched the “how-to” video that Cutting Edge Stencil recommended, it was a bit harder than I thought.  Tedious is the best word to describe it.  When it was complete, a few people recommended doing a larger wall with the pattern and I instantly said “Oh hell no”.  Even thought it wasn’t exactly a party to do, I love the results:
 I like that the difference in paint is subtle (almost shadow like, like I said it is the same color as the wall paint, just in high-gloss instead of flat).  Like I said, the stenciling was not difficult, just time-consuming. 
Little did I know, the difficult part would be the frames.  I figured all I would do was take off the back, the glass would fall out, and viola!  But no, the glass was glued to the flippin’ frame.  I attempted to scrape the glue away, and then decided on the “quick” method.  I put the frame in a bag and hammered the heck out of the glass, shattering it away.  Then, I realized there was not a good way to hang the frames on the wall.  I ended up drilling holes through the frames and then painting the screws to match.
Then, I centered the hooks in the frames
 I figured this project would consume one of HJ’s nap times, but it took up about 3 (dang).  But I still love it and would definitely recommend stenciling a wall to “pretty” it up a bit.
Oh, and I also jazzed it up a bit for Christmas…
Has anyone else tackled a stenciling project?  Did you sing “Everyday I’m Stenciling” while doing it (highly recommended) or is that just me?
Side note: Elf on the Shelf has taken over our house.  Or, as he has been named, Mr. Bo-Jingle-Jangles.  Anyone else doing that this Christmas?
Side note part 2: When I hit spell check, I found out stenciling is not a word, my apologies.  It is used around 10 times in this post and I can not think of the proper verb form of present tense stencil, so I am sticking with stenciling.

One Thought on “Everyday I’m Stencilin’

  1. Melissa on December 2, 2011 at 8:29 am said:

    Ok, I love it! Will you come do my house?

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