What kind of family traditions does your family have?  I have struggled to find consistency with traditions when there are only 2 of us in the household…and one isn’t going to remember what happens for a few more years!  There isn’t another adult bringing magical traditions their family shared.  It is up to me.  Up to me alone to build memories that HJ will hopefully look back at and say, “My mom and I always did it this way…and it was freakin’ awesome.”

Growing up, my family would load in the mini van and drive to my grandparent’s house 5 hours away in Wisconsin Rapids for Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving, we would go to the mall to watch Santa arrive in a helicopter.  Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparent’s in Cedar Falls, IA where we would have to eat dinner and take family pictures while trying not to tear into our gifts before we were told to.  When we arrived home that night, my dad would read us “The Night Before Christmas”. The next morning, I would wake up before everyone and make them all get out of bed (Ahhh…so there is my damn karma with HJ not sleeping!) and run downstairs to see what SANTA! SANTA! SANTA! brought us (we had to look at our stockings first).  That was followed with a yummy breakfast that always had egg casserole.

Those things happened every year.  Without fail (barring ridiculous snowstorms once or twice).  I am hoping that HJ and I can get started on some family traditions.  This year, I asked my parents if we could do Christmas morning at my house.  My mom eagerly agreed (crap, this means I have to cook).  That way HJ can wake up and see what Santa brought for him!

Another tradition I started is the ornament box.  Every Christmas I have put away an ornament with a little tag explaining why it was chosen.  When HJ gets his own tree, I will give him the box, full of ornaments, to decorate his tree. 

What traditions does your family have?  Single parents, any advise on how to start more family traditions?

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5 Thoughts on “Family Traditions

  1. My guy was with his dad for Thanksgiving this year, so I did a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my friends and family. It was so perfect! We did it before Thanksgiving, so everyone was still in town, and no one had to leave early to get to another dinner. I am definitely going to use this as a start of a tradition.

  2. Traditions don’t have to be grand gestures, it can be as simple as something you do everyday. The nice thing about kiddos being so little is you can tweak the traditions, so you have time. But I make every Sunday family day, we rarely watch TV, we go hiking or play outside or go to a movie; just enjoy time together. That will be the tradition HJ will remember the most, the time you spent with him.

    But we do go to the Holidazzle outdoor parade, even if it’s 30 below and we are in snow suits. I also take the kids out on Friday nights in December to look at Christmas lights and we make hot chocolate and cookies for the road.

  3. I know what you mean I’m trying hard alone to form our own traditions and make wonderful memories for my daughter. We’ve been busy crafting & making decorations, and we just got an advent calendar and chocolates.

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