Alright lovely readers…I need some advise.  Not for me, have no fear, but for an expecting friend.  She has asked for a baby carrier from her in-laws for Christmas, but needs to know the best one to get. 

With HJ I had both the back-pack looking carrier and the hip baby carrier, also known as a wrap.  I didn’t have a preference over one or the other because we didn’t use it too often.  But, my friend will be a stay at home mom, and will probably be running more errands with the little one in tow.

Which ones have you liked or disliked?  While chatting with my friend, we came across something to help her with her decision (it seems to be helpful, so feel free to pass it along to your expectant friends!) but it is always good to get first hand advise.  Please tell me your thoughts on the different baby carriers…the good, bad and difficult (seriously, some of them have so many straps and clips I wouldn’t know where to start!).

2 Thoughts on “Advice for Expecting Mom

  1. tinystepsbigjourney on November 22, 2011 at 7:07 pm said:

    I had a moby when she was very small. Because it let me carry her really close. But as she got bigger, I found that she scrunched down a lot. And that can’t be good for her tiny spine. That and I have shoulder issues, and the weight is mostly carried across there. Great for short distances, or for around the home. Now I have an ergo-baby. Which I love. Mind you both come with a learning curve.

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