Have you ever noticed at parties that everyone gathers in the kitchen?  It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big, small, with seating or not, it tends to be where everyone goes.  That is why when looking at floor plans for the house, I wanted the kitchen to be big and open to the living room.  Anddd this is what the kitchen looks like…

The fridge area.  The fridge is plastered in children’s art work…artwork that is plastered at a high enough level that it will not be torn down by a rambunctious 2-year-old or a tail wagging maniac dog.  I always thought I would want white cabinets, but I love the rich look of the dark cabinets.

Straight across from the fridge on the other side of the island is the table area.

The white door is the pantry.  I frikken love pantries.  I didn’t think it would be a big deal…but what a space saver.  HJ even likes to hide in there and eat Cheerios.  The black towel on the one chair is for Mr. Goober Hands.  HJ despises utensils.

The prints above the kitchen table?  Here is a closer view

I had a graphic design student make and print them off for me for $50 and found some cheap frames.  I love them 🙂

On the pantry wall,

Cute EAT letters…they look like metal, but are actually the cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby just painted. (and that is HJ’s red vacuum in the right hand corner).

And this is the other wall









I love all the light that comes through (although it does nothing for pictures!)  Again, if you want to see how I made the curtains, you can go here and here.  The sliding door leads to our little, tiny deck that has a hand me down table that is a tad to big for the space.

The other “wall” of the kitchen is actually an open space to the living room, so I will show that when I reveal the living room!

The flooring in the kitchen is a porcelain tile














The dark tile has been awesome for concealing dirt and dog hair (I swear I clean it often!).

Side note: my garbage disposal is not working, so wish me luck on attempting my first fix-it attempt as a home owner!



3 Thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. does hj’s vaccum really work?!?! if so where’d you find it? i’m looking for one for my son!!! thanks

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