I know, weird title for a post considering I live in Iowa…and it’s flipping cold right now.  BUT, HJ and I finally have a yard!  And he has sooo many indoor doors.  So I have been thinking,about getting him a few outdoor toys for Christmas.

I came across a site, which is full of GOOD GAMES!!  HJ loves bubbles (they can be used indoors to, right?  And, they do have a snowman kit (winter appropriate!). They also have some play houses that I know he would love, but I have mainly been looking at the kid tents.  Maybe we could have a winter camp out in the living room?  A little hot cocoa, sleeping bags, and snuggling with my cutie-pie!  Anyone else have camp outs with their kids or am I just asking for a night of terrible sleep?

3 Thoughts on “Outdoor Fun

  1. Ohhh, I love the Kiddie Coupe Tent! The kids would have a blast playing inside…. until the warm summer months!

  2. I say save your money and make your own tent:-) And you’re not asking for trouble, you’re making great memories with your son. Playhouses pretty much rock too, and provide hours of entertainment. Yay on the yard, snowmen!

  3. Bubbles are great fun! But they can stain fabrics, so just be a bit cautious using them indoors. Great news on a yard though – enjoy it!

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