With all the excitement of HJ’s monster party, I forgot to share MY PARTY.  Yup, I celebrated my 30th birthday with amazing friends.  Nana and Papa volunteered to take HJ for the night, and I rounded up a few friends (around 15!).  Some of them even came from Des Moines to help with the festivities.

We started the night with pizza and beverages at my house.  I was surprised with Scratch cupcakes (YUM!) and a few gifts.  I learned my friends have amazing taste…one friend (who couldn’t make it to town) sent me a gorgeous coach bracelet, another gave me super sweet Isabella Bloom figure.  With my single mom budget, it’s nice to be spoiled every now and then :).

The group then hit the town.

While at one bar, I went to the ladies room with another girl (girls go in pairs, right?).  When we walked into the LADIES room, I noticed male shoes in the first stall…and the door was open…and it was clearly a male.  My friend and I checked the door again to make triple sure it did in fact say ladies (it did) and stood there for a second unsure of what to do.  Then, from the stall, we heard “Ah…am I in the wrong restroom?”  We busted out laughing.  He walked out and awkwardly looked at us as he beelined for the door.  Then he hesitated.  Turned back and said, “I have to wash my hands.”

We weren’t sure if we should feel bad for him or continue to laugh at him.  When we came out of the restroom, his friends were clearly giving him a hard time.  So naturally, we laughed at him.

Then in walk two bears…

This was about the point we decided to head to another place.

We then went to our old college hang out, the OP…where we felt old.  We basically stood there and laughed at the shenanigans around us.  By this point we figured we might us well feel even older and we went to Sharkey’s.  The Shark Tank (as it is fondly called) is a place I had not ventured since I was 20.  While we were in school, no one past legal drinking age went there.  Things haven’t changed.  So we hit up the dance floor, and made the unwise choice of stopping in the restroom.  There was a young lady kneeled over the toilet telling us of her love for tequila.  We assured her she does not in fact love tequila at all and quickly left.

Clearly, it was time to call a cab to go home.  While waiting for the cab, we ran over to the fraternity house to pose for pictures in their front lawn.  The fraternity house was a place we use to go to quite often while in school…in fact most of my friends are married to guys they met there.  Thank goodness the cab came before anyone spotted us.

We ran home and chatted for a while before heading to bed (yes, I was the first one in bed).

It was a great night and wonderful to get out and have fun!  I felt so lucky to have all of my friends out helping me celebrate.

2 Thoughts on “The 30th Celebration

  1. Ha ha! At least that guy washed his hands!

  2. Looks like you guys had such a fun time!! Glad u enjoyed your bday and wow your friends give great gifts 🙂

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