It happened.  HJ turned 2.  Or if you ask him, he will say THREE!  I follow-up with, “No honey, you are 2.”  To which he responds, “NO THREE!” and then cracks up.

This past weekend we invited family to help us celebrate the big birthday with a monster themed party.  The invites went out…

And I kept telling myself to keep it low-key (which I think I did pretty good at).

HJ woke up on his second birthday to a living room full of balloons!  The dog and him ran around like crazy chasing and throwing them.  Then we got ready (sans dog) to go to the library for story time.  After that we went out for a birthday lunch at Maid-Rite, where we snacked on maid-rites, sweet potato fries and a chocolate shake.

That evening, I started making his monster cake.  I had found what I wanted to make on pinterest (of course) and thought it would be easy-peasy.  Ha.  The top layer of the cake started breaking off…I felt defeated and was ready to call a bakery (yup, that quickly).  My sister suggested “glueing” it with frosting.  My brother-in-law helped with small details like the teeth.  And I went through a lot of orange frosting.

Once the cake was ready, I glued googley-eyes onto cups

Because, what is a monster party with out googely-eyed cups?

I made a monster wreath

This was suppper easy (yup, with 3 p’s).  All I did was buy a styrofoam wreath, wrap a blue feather boa around it and super glued on the eyes.

I threw the favors in a basket

Set out 2 candles for my little man (tear!)

And set out the monster picture frame

Then, it was party time!

See how excited HJ was?

The kids got to draw monsters for HJ (nana got in on it too)

And we ate lots of pizza and cake

HJ posed for pictures with mommy (sometimes even willingly)

And made his best monster face

He loved opening up presents.  His favorite?

This box.  I have been told there is a wagon in it, but for now the box is providing lots of entertainment.

HJ had fun celebrating his 2nd birthday and has been waking me up at night to tell me about his new toys.  Can’t wait to see how much fun we have during the “terrible two’s”.  Love you HJ!

3 Thoughts on “Monster Bash!

  1. Super adorable party!! Great job, mama!

  2. Okay, seriously, how much cuter can you be? And your kiddo too! Love the eyeballs, lol.

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