I looove reading younghouselove and you all know my super love for pinterest.  So last week, when YHL blogged about a pinterest challenge, I knew I wanted in.

I have been eyeing these striped curtains for a while, and it seemed so easy!  I picked up some cheap white panels at Target and got ready to paint.  I taped off the stripes onto the curtains (I decided to go wider then the original curtains) and started painting with some already owed gray paint.  The original source mentioned that it would take a few coats of paint for the light to not shine through the stripes…and it did!  After it was done, I realized how stiff the curtains were.  Luckily, the original source had also mentioned that problem and said to throw it in the dryer to soften it up…which I did…and the curtains did not soften up much.  They looked silly.  Bad.  This led to an unhappy SingleMama…UNTIL inspiration struck.  I quickly ran to Hobby Lobby (well as quickly as one can run anywhere with a toddler in tow) and picked up some Heat Seam (since I can’t sew a lick) and some dark gray fabric.  I cut the fabric to match the size of the stripes I wanted (plus an inch on each side for my ironed on hem) and ironed it onto the newly purchased white panels.  and….

LOVE.  I love it.  Seriously.  Beautiful.  The fabric lays so much nicer than the painted curtains.  So while I basically threw $20 down the drain (not to mention a toddler nap time) I love the final results.  Anyone else do the pinterest challenge?

7 Thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge

  1. They look great. Thanks for your honesty as well. I was thinking about painting some for my daughters room but maybe I will sew them instead. Thanks for sharing. The end result is fabulous.

  2. They look great! I have this project pinned on my Pinterest board too (crazy about big stripes). Thanks for sharing your process, that is such a huge help!

  3. Those look fantastic. Like you, I can’t sew at all – in fact the very idea of sitting down with a needle and thread makes me run the other way. (If a button falls off, it’s staying off!) I love how well these turned out without having to resort to a sewing machine! There may be hope for me after all… 🙂

    I just came across your blog and have read a few of your posts. I really like your style and your honesty. I will be subscribing.

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