Random tid-bits for a Friday…(plus my last post was pretty much a downer, wah-wah)

When I took HJ to the doctor’s on Friday, we entered the waiting room and I immediately saw this handsome, young man.  He appeared to be maybe 2-3 years younger than me…but definitely not anymore then that.  He smiled at me.  I smiled back.  Then the nurse came and called a name.  The hottie stands up.  I start looking around for his kid…but he walks back alone and stands on the scale.  WHAT THE FRICK?  Remember that episode of friends where they find out Ross still goes to the pediatrician?  It was like that.  I hope he got a lollipop.

Also while waiting for the doctor, there was this extremely large very tan lady.  She wore extremely tight clothing.  She was sitting with her teenage son who was very scrawny and emo looking.  He also clearly had not showered in a week or so.  They were having a conversation about carving the pumpkin.  Their entire conversation was in slang and they very rarely used English in the proper form.  Then the mother said, “Oh come on, you are supposed to be my smart kid.” 

I fear for her other children if he is “the smart one”.

Once in the doctor’s office, I was told HJ would have to get an injection of steroids to help with his croup.  In walk two nurses, syringes in hand.  They pull down HJ’s pants while I hold him on the table.  Once nurse took each leg, and tears start streaming down my face.  They give him the shot and I am waiting for the scream.  Nothing.  Not even a flinch.  HJ just stared at me like I was a freak show for crying.  Then he got a sticker.  I clearly deserved it more.

This is my favorite birthday gift.  It hasn’t been delivered yet, but I am pretty excited for it.

I can not believe my baby will be 2 next Friday.  I do not think that is possible.

I have 5 friends staying at my house tonight to celebrate my 30th b-day.  I haven’t seen most of them since last December.  I also have quite a few local friends heading out too…I can’t wait..although it would be nice if I was feeling a tad better!

HJ is feeling much better, now he just has a cold…as do I.  Blah.  I hate colds.

SInce HJ and I were not feeling well, our house became a little out of control.  Here is the play room:


Hope you all have a great weekend!

2 Thoughts on “This and That

  1. I’m loving that chair!

  2. Happy Birthday! And hahaha, about the handsome ‘kid’, sounds like something that would totally happen to me:-)

    You do deserve a sticker, Mama!

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