Alright I did it.  I gave it a shot.  Online dating.  I signed up through a program on my phone.  Filled out the whole profile crap, added a picture and turned away from my phone for about 10 minutes.  When I refreshed the screen I was IN SHOCK.  Holy hell who are all these men and why am I their favorite?  They haven’t talked to me!  Oh wait, they went me a message…”Hey great pic”  “how ru” “u lok good” and “u have kid? love kid”


Then they started sending me chats…

I decided I should do my own search.  I entered the criteria and hit submit.  The screen went blank and then said “no one matches your criteria.  Try less filters.”  I tried again.  Nothing.  That can’t be a good sign if no one meets your terms.  And I know what you are thinking.  I am too damn picky.  Well let me tell ya my criteria…Male, single, 27-38, within 30 mile radius, college degree.  If that is too picky, I am screwed.

I started scrolling through the profiles with out my specified criteria.  The majority of the men were at least 50 plus.  The men in their 40’s liked to rock mullets (w.t.f.) and the 30 some guys?  They had a love affair with wearing camo.

They couldn’t spell. 

I decided to give it another few days and hopefully weed out the “bad eggs”.  I started blocking the people I received creepy messages from and pretty much ignoring the rest.  After five days I was over it.  I was getting messages from as far away as Kentucky.  Really?  You couldn’t find anyone within a 12 hour radius you liked just as much?

While deactivating my account, it asked why I was leaving.  I told them exactly what I thought.

There were a lot of creepy guys!  And wayyyy to many mullets (I didn’t know that many existed). And a lot of camo being worn.  I know I live in Iowa, but not the back woods.  Ew.  And I was asked if I was submissive when it came to relationships.  By a guy with a mullet.  Also, I think a lot of the men could benefit from looking into getting a GED, nothing spells sexy like being intelligent…or actually being able to spell sexy (that would be a good start).  I did not think it was appropriate for me to have a picture of my son and myself out there for these creeps to see.
Once my profile is deleted, will my picture be permanently deleted from the site?

Anyone ever have good luck with online dating?  As for me, I am over it.

7 Thoughts on “Adventures in Online Dating

  1. Shaunna Ulrick on October 24, 2011 at 1:43 pm said:

    Oh lady! I am sorry but this did make me laugh. Hang in there friend!

  2. I had great luck! I met my ex-husband online.


    Actually, I have several friends who met their true loves online, at various sites, so I think it can be hit or miss. It’s just like dating in the real world (well, sort of), in that you have to weed out the losers and trust your instincts. I think the key is to meet someone sooner than later instead of spending too long on online communication. And try a variety of sites. Different guys on different sites.

    Good luck!

    • Ha!
      I tried 2 different sites..same guys…even the same pics and profile descriptions. I only posted a picture on one site though, and the EXACT same guys said the same things!

  3. haha oh boy! Is this what I’m in for when I re-enter the dating world?! I may as well stay single forever….

  4. That sounds awful! Mullets are bad enough. But mullets, camo, and requests to be submissive? You couldn’t even make this stuff up!

  5. Maybe a different site? Perhaps, a more expensive one? Might weed out some of the losers.

  6. I say try another site. He’s out there. Unfortunately you have to weed the garden before enjoying the flowers. New follower, glad I stopped by. Saw you on Bloggy Moms and just had to pop by. I feel for you. I can’t imagine dating again. Must be overwhelming and a bit terrifying. So many mullets, so little time.

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